Studio with emotions
Where your dreams become reality

Appleseed always creates young and sensual images.
Based on new creativity, rich experience, and solid technology through a change of thinking,
We are dedicated to creating creative Digital Media Contents.
VFX, 3D Animation, Commercial Media, and exhibition video, etc. have rich know-how with experience in various productions. We are doing our best today to become the main pillar of the media content industry.
Visual Effects

Advertisement, music video, drama, movie
Over the years, many works have been implemented with high-quality images.
Real-Time / Unreal Engine

Exhibition video and VR content production serviceUtilizing various infrastructures, variousInteractive content creation and technology acquisition
Virtual Human

By building a real-time system,
Virtual character development and research Virtual Human
Original Content

Appleseed is striving to develop its own contents with the goal of becoming a comprehensive cultural contents company that encompasses the scope of contents business based on its own planning and production capabilities